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30 Years of Professional Garment Care

This is what we do...
Laundry Service (Wash Dry & Fold)

Pick your detergent (*Tide Free & Gentle or Tide Simply Clean)
Proprietary cold wash technology
Individual pre-wash garment stain removal
In-wash stain booster
Whites are done separately 
Laundry is separated by his, hers & child. 
Delicates are washed & packaged separately
No extra charges for sheets or towels
**Pressing service is available!!!
15lbs minimum for home delivery 

*All laundry is washed with Tide Simply Clean liquid detergent unless Tide Free & Gentle detergent is requested. 
**Life without ironing is simply amazing!!! Let us spoil  you and hand press any item(s) from your laundry order! 
***Separate pricing for bath mats/rugs, blankets, comforters, duvets, coats, jackets & button down shirts.

Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning

Amazing Hand Finished Shirt Service
Pre-spotting collars and cuffs, creasing sleeves, making sure all missing or broken buttons are replaced at no charge, and starching just the way you like it.

Award Winning Bridal & Formal Wear 
Our formal department takes extra special care for life’s big moments – wedding gowns, formal dresses and tuxedos. We have the experience to handle even the most delicate ornamentation, sequins, and sheer materials.

Leather, Fur & Suede
We know the often fragile nature of leather, fur and suede. But after cleaning and rejuvenating thousands of these items over the years, you’ll be amazed at how good that old leather jacket or fur coat can look. We also offer fur glazing and off-season storage to help them last for years to come.

Shoes, Boots & Handbags
We aren’t just fabric people. Bring us your dress shoes, boots and purses. We’ll clean and polish everything by hand  shining your shoes and boots like the shoeshines of the past and hand cleaning and moisturizing purses to remind you of the day you bought them. We understand what it takes to help quality leather last forever.

Comforters, Blankets & Bed Sheets
You spend a lot of time in bed – typically more time than you are at work. Your comforter deserves to be loved. So make sure it’s cleaned every three months for maximum cleanliness, allergy reduction and, most important, warmth.

You spend a lot of time on your rugs – maybe more than you think. Which leads to, of course, dirt, grime and dingy flat spots. From domestic area rugs to even the finest silk oriental rugs, we can breathe new life back into anything. 

5290 Washington Street, Boston MA
Store Hours: Mon-Fri: 8AM - 6:30PM  Sat: 8AM - 3PM  Delivery Days: Monday thur Friday