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Over 25 Years of Professional Garment Care

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Laundry & Dry Cleaning
delivered right to your door
At Emerald, we believe in honest and upfront pricing, so the price is never a mystery. We do not claim to be less expensive then others, however our customer service and attention to detail for the last 25 years is our claim to fame! 
Shirt Service

Price     Lux Men's Shirt Service
$ 3.69    Button Down Shirts (On Hangers, Collar Guards, Button Repair) (Folded Add $1)

Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning Service

Price      Basic Dry Cleaning Service
$  9.95    Blouse / Dry Clean Only Shirt
$17.95    Dress 
$20.95    Coat / (Fur hood +$9)
$12.95    Lab / Chef Coats (Cleaned, Pressed & Starched)
$  9.95    Pants
$10.95    Sport Coat / Blazer
$  8.95    Polo
$  9.95    Sweaters

Price      Comforters / Blankets / Duvets 
$40         Any Size Comforter (Down +$6) 
$38         Blanket Dry Cleaned (Wash Dry & Fold $12)
$15         Sheets  (Washed & Pressed)
$  4         Pillow Case 
$12         Pillow Sham
$16         Mattress Pad Cover
$35         Sleeping Bag
$15         Throw Pillows

Price     Leather / Suede / Combinations
$28        Hats, Collars, Gloves  
$38        Blouse / Pants / Skirts
$48        Jackets 
$58        Coats / Dress
$68        Trench Coats
*Save 15% on all items that are a combination of leather with cloth

Price     Fur Cleaning, Storage and Repairs
$75        Jackets (Cleaned and Glazed) (Storage add $55)  
$95        Coats  (Cleaned and Glazed) (Storage add $55)
*Call for prices on repairs or send in for estimate

Price     Professional Shoe Cleaning & Repairs Since 1993 
$49        UGGS cleaned, re-dye & water repel
$19        High buff shine & polish for your shoes (Boots +$5)
$40+      Suede, Snake Skin & Lamb Skin Clean Only
$40        Golf shoes cleaned and re-dye
$45+      Replacement Heels / Tips (Rubber, Leather or Combo)
$85+      Full Replacement Soles / Heels
$45+      Leather & Designer Bags (Inside & Outside Cleaning)

Price     Rug Cleaning (Oriental / Machine made) 
$  4        Orientals (Per Sq. Ft)
$  3        Machine / Domestic (Per Sq. Ft)
$  2        Pest Proofing /Deodorizing (Per Sq. Ft add to cleaning)
*Repair & fringe work please call 
*Minimum Charge to clean any rug regardless of size is $40

*Additional charges apply for larger, special care, stain treatment or rush services.  Please call us for a price on any item not listed

Wash Dry & Fold Laundry Service

Price    Tide Laundry Service 
$ 2.25   Wash Dry & Fold 
  • Proprietary cold wash technology
  • Individual pre-wash garment Tide stain removal
  • In-wash Tide with Oxi clean stain booster
  • Whites are done separately with natural oxygen bleach (Safest bleach in the world)
  • All laundry comes back to you separated by his, hers & child. (This makes it so easy to put away) 
  • All undergarments are delicately washed and packaged separately
  • No extra charges for sheets or towels 
  • Separate pricing for bath mats/rugs, blankets, comforters, duvets, dresses, coats, jackets and all button down shirts.  (See above for pricing)

*Optional Wash Dry & Fold Services
Tide Free & Clear detergent is the #1 doctor recommended laundry detergent brand for sensitive skin... Need we say more? 

Press any washable item in your laundry order: Life without ironing is simply amazing!!! Let us spoil you and hand press any item(s) from your laundry order! ($3 for small ex. Blouse, Pants  & $7 for a large ex. Dress)
**Request Wash & Hang (Only $1 per item

*All laundry is washed with Tide laundry detergent unless Tide Free & Clear detergent is requested. 
There is a 15lb minimum order required for delivery. 

$3.95     Delivery
$9.95     Next Day Rush (No Sundays) 
$4.95     New Laundry/Garment Bag

*Single use plastic fee(s) are the law here in Massachusetts. 

We at EMERALD beg you to request no plastic and use our famous laundry/garment bags that have been featured on the hit TV show SHARK TANK.  Our famous laundry/garment bags will help eliminate 300 million pounds of single use plastic, twist ties and paper that clog U.S. landfills and waterways. Using our bags and requesting no plastic will make these fees go away while saving marine wildlife.  Proceeds from our bags will go directly to the New England Aquarium & St. Jude Children's Research Hospital $4.95 for each new bag is all we ask.

5290 Washington Street, Boston MA
Store Hours: Mon-Fri: 8AM - 6:30PM  Sat: 8AM - 3PM  Delivery Days: Monday thur Friday