Even the best have off days 
October 24th 2013 
Emerald Cleaners got it's first ever one        star review

Ruined my dress and veil!!    posted 10/24/2013 
Do NOT go here for your gown preservation/cleaning OR to fix your veil. I went to The Knot thinking that they might be able to recommend a reputable dress perservation company and their number 1 was Emerald Cleaners. I called them up and had them pick up my beautiful gown and veil (borrowed from a friend). During my wedding, the intricate beading on the veil had some pulls in it and so I wanted to repair this before giving it back to my friend. When Emerald Cleaners finally dropped off my gown and veil, I was disgusted by what I saw. My dress had been carried vertically and so it had sunk in the packaging. It looked like it wasn't attached to anything inside the box. There were beads missing and lord knows what else went wrong with it - I could only see through the window on the box.  The veil is a HUGE problem. They packaged up the veil in a small preservation box thinking that I would not open it. I opened it right away because I was not going to give it to my friend in the box. When I pulled the veil out of the box, I saw that instead of fixing the beading pulls, they just ripped the pulls off (three inches worth) and one pull wasn't even touched. It is obvious to me that they did not care at all about my precious garments. Currently, they are trying to find beading that matches the rest of the veil but they wouldn't have to do this if they didn't throw out the beading in the first place.
Since E.C. has a guarantee, I sent both garments back so that they could be fixed. The woman told me that it would take 2 weeks. It has been three MONTHS and my friend now wants to have her veil back. I am mortified.
And this is what we did to fix it...
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We sincerely apoligize to our vendors & partners 

and a very special apology to the bride above 
Our goal is to NEVER get a review like this again

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