1. How much do you charge to preserve my wedding dress?  
The cost of our exclusive cleaning and preservation service for most gowns start at $399 however we do offer many savings options.  We advise that you request a quote or email us at with all the information about your gown. There are no commitments or contracts to sign Emerald Cleaners will be ready to serve you when you are ready.  All gowns must be paid in-full prior to starting.  

2. How do I get my dress to you?  
Please come and visit Emerald Cleaners and we can review your dress and go over all the cleaning and preservation options on the spot.  (Please call to confirm when you are coming so we can have a bridal coordinator ready to serve you upon arrival.)   We can also come to you… We offer pick-up and delivery in several locations throughout Massachusetts.  The pickup & return cost is only $40 

3. What type of chamber do you use to store my dress?  
We preserve your dress in a completely archival textile custom sized chamber.  It is then sealed and purged of all air and harmful materials, this provides an extra layer of protection that helps aid in fluctuations in temperature and humidity - environmental variants that can cause permanent damage to fabric and non-woven dress components such as metal closures and trimmings. Our proprietary chambers are made of the same material as those used by the art and history museums across the world.  

4. Can I look at my dress after it is preserved?  
Absolutely In fact, we encourage you to open the box and inspect your dress whenever you want.  When you open the chamber, be careful not to puncture the seal.   NEVER open the sealed chamber.  We ask that you bring your gown to a certified specialist to open a sealed chamber.
5. How long should I wait to clean my dress?  
Stains cause damage to a fabric over time. It is advisable to have your dress cleaned and preserved as soon after the wedding as is practical. Generally, you can safely wait a few weeks after the ceremony. Until your gown is cleaned and preserved, keep it in a dark, dry place, stored folded in a clean white sheet. Note: certain stains caused by wine, food, makeup and perspiration will set much quicker and become harder to remove the longer you wait.  Hanging is not recommended as it can cause stress to the fabric and create distortion. Do not store your gown in plastic - such as a garment bag.  Plastic will emit gases that will yellow the fabric.  
6. Do you offer a warranty?  
We are licensed by the Prestige Preservation Program, LLC.  We offer you a lifetime written warranty assuring you that no discoloration or weakening of the fabric or other components will occur as a result of our processes. Our warranty, like our in-depth testing and cleaning services, is an indication of our commitment to fine apparel preservation.  

7. Should I preserve my veil, slip, and other accessories? 
We suggest that you only preserve your wedding dress in the main chamber.  Dress accessories such as crinolines and corsets, or the rest of your outfit such as the garter, shoes, and bag are made of many different kinds of materials. They are not designed to last forever and often include inexpensive materials that will deteriorate more quickly than the wedding dress itself. We will be glad to professionally clean them and box them separately.  Preserving these items with your wedding dress can cause the dress fabric or decoration to deteriorate too!  We strongly suggest that you clean and preserve your veil in a separate keepsake box similar to the chamber we use for your gown!   

8. How much should I insure my dress for?  
You do not need to purchase insurance. Your wedding dress is fully insured by us for the replacement value, from the time it leaves your hands until it is returned to you. 

9. How and where do I store my wedding dress after it is preserved?  
Our special preservation storage materials were chosen to protect your dress from exposure to moisture, fire, dust, acidity and light, but successful long-term preservation depends on you. Where and how you keep the dress will have an effect on its condition. Store the box flat, with the lid side facing up. When you move the box, carry it so that it is as level as possible. We have packed your dress so that it will not shift under normal circumstances, but flat storage will ensure that this remains true. Protect your dress from extremes of temperature and humidity, as these factors will encourage rapid deterioration. All fibers degrade under high temperatures, and many may discolor permanently. High humidity encourages mold and mildew, even on clean fabrics; therefore, it is not wise to store your dress in an attic or cellar. Choose a storage place within your living quarters, but without much traffic. Inspect the box occasionally  

10. How long does it take to clean my dress?  
The time it takes to clean your dress depends on the type of dress you have.  Cleaning and preservation could take as long as 6 weeks. We clean hundreds of gowns per season and it is important to understand that the process to clean such an exquisite garment takes time. Not only do we hand clean each dress in virgin eco solvents we expertly hand press with extreme care to respect the lines and drape of the dress as well. 

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